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[amalgam-dev] Re: [modeling-pmc] Ecore Tools


Note that Ecore Tools folks couldn't figure out how to promote a build, although they did produce one for M5.  There seemed to be a never ending bug related to this that I think finally did end.  The plan is for Ecore Tools to be in the modeling package (right Cedric?) and for it to be in Helios.  I'd be extremely unhappy to have a release train without the Ecore Tools.  We really need to make it happen...

Perhaps the same work being done to get the EMF core build back on track could be applied for Ecore Tools?
Also, given that the designated GMF lead has yet to show up for a PMC call, I'm inclined to ask the EMO to change the GMF lead to be you Anthony.  I think normally a vote is required though.  So I hereby suggest to the GMF team to vote for Anthony as the leader.

This reminds me that we need to designate a lead for Amalgamation.  Cedric has been very active, Peter agreed to his leadership, and silence I generally take to be full agreements, so that seems a done deal, unless someone objects promptly.

Finally, it looks like we're all agreed to have a PMC call next Tuesday at 11:00AM ET.
Feel free to add to the agenda and remember that anyone is welcome to attend.


Anthony Hunter wrote:

Sounds good Ed, I had only used the "GMF one".

It looks like Ecore Tools is not in Helios, so the immediate releng help is not really critical and you are looking for a more long term developer support. so that is not me :-)

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Re: [modeling-pmc] Ecore Tools


Comments below.

Anthony Hunter wrote:
      Hi Ed,

      With regards to Ecore Tools. We should add an item to next week's PMC meeting about this, but how about this for a proposal:

      GMF has an Ecore Editor
I believe this is a purely generated editor that's intended as an example.
      and Modeling has an Ecore Tools project, which also has an Ecore Editor.
While this one is hand tuned to actually be usable. For example, it shows paired opposite EReferences as a single line...
      I am interested in seeing these editors combined so we have one Ecore editor (diagramming feature) in the Eclipse modeling package.
I'm not sure the one in GMF serves any purpose currently, other than being an example. I'm pretty sure the Ecore Tools one is in fact a tailored generated version...

      Towards this end goal, I can help with release engineering support for the Ecore Tools project.
I just want to be sure that the intent is to preserve and perhaps even enhance the cool things in Ecore Tools rather than to fall back on the relatively crude version in GMF...

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