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[alf-events] FW: [alf-dev] ALF POC Planning Team Meeting Minutes 1/20


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Subject: [alf-dev] ALF POC Planning Team Meeting Minutes 1/20

Attendees:  Serena, Catalyst, Segue, Secure

Most of the POC is presently working.
 - Pending Secure's software/service installs.  Secure working with
Segue to finalize contracts to install the product.  Service should be
finalized and installed early next week.
 - Tim is cleaning up & removing the workaround for Active BPEL
 - Catalyst has invoked an ALF event and the BPEL.
 - Serena Services finalized - may make a small change to modify the
standard Get to improve the demo as time allows.
 - Segue is able to take the Event Manager binary & alter the Segue tool
to respond asynchronously w/the EM to indicate tests are complete.

Architecture Document finished unless we decide to wrap the Security
document inside.  Not likely given the size of the Security document.
We should all do 1 more review of the Security document to ensure
nothing has changed so it's not out of date.

POC Validation Phase/Demo/Partner Planning meeting tentatively being
planned for 2/16.  Look for an invite and more details from Kevin

Note to all that the Legal processes are taking longer than planned.
Keep this in mind moving forward if any legal items are needed - start
them as soon as possible.

Partners may want to take a copy of the VMWare image so they can do
demos to customers, etc.  Tim coordinating this and will write up what's
Tentatively we'll need a Windows 2003 Server license and also you'll
need to accept the Open Source software (Tim will finalize a list for
The full VMWare image won't go on the ALF site.  We'll put a demo and
maybe the stubs also (being finalized).

Ali has seen a demo of the ALF POC and it looks great!  Congrats and
great job to all for your hard work!  Discussions ongoing with Compuware
regarding their participation.

Next week's meeting has been moved from Friday 1/27 to Monday 1/31
(still 11:00 am PT).

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