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[alf-dev] : ALF Source Code Mangement Vocabulary Information Models

Dear ALF colleagues,

Attached are drafts of two UML class diagrams representing an interface
view (i.e., external view) of:
  1. An SCM System
  2. A Workspace
Since the models represent the interface view, they do not show the
types of relationships that an SCM system would manage internally (such
as version predecessor and successor relationships).

I've just taken a look at Richard's updated WIKI pages and they look
excellent.  Time permitting, I will try to update the diagrams with the
attributes before I go on vacation later this week.

When we are done, the information model and Concept descriptions should,
of course, be "in sync".  I have introduced a few new information
objects which I can attempt to motivate during our call this morning.
Some are natural abstractions, such as supertype for our two collections
of versions (Change Set and Baseline).  Another is a "Revision
Specification", which is basically a grammar for designating a set of
versions, such as "Tip", "1.0.PROD", "BASELINE ABC", "1.0.PROD +

The information model for Workspaces encompasses not only the
traditional developer desktop notion of workspace, but also an agent
workspace on a server or other type of shared workspace.

Finally,  I've had some time to think over the notion of Component, and
have come to the conclusion that a component really has two aspects, at
the least: An interface (external) view, and an internal (implementation
view).  Both views should be versionable, but the external view versions
will (hopefully) evolve at a slower rate than the internal versions.  A
third view (which I described in the previous proposed definitions) was
as a collection of elements, although that collection needs to evolve
over time also.


Brian Carroll
Architect, Eclipse ALF project
Serena Fellow
Serena Software
(ofc)  (503) 617-2436
(cell)  (503) 318-2017

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