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[alf-dev] Re: [tptp-testing-tools-dev] Call 4 Comments: ALF-enabling TPTP P roposal

There have been a lot of discussions going on recently to do with SOA and from our perspective to do with the agents and their APIs. I think that all these discussions are going in absolutely the right direction but I'd like to bring up that a lot of these separate aspects of TPTP and the separate discussions going on are actually very interrelated.

The TPTP Choreography component had a broad goal of converting TPTP to use SOA / BPEL to have the various components interact. I think that Bob's proposed ALF-ization of TPTP is a good step forward but that we need to have all the necessary people involved now so that we can get the right top level view.

In particular from our perspective I'm talking about test APIs, model APIs and agent APIs all being made accessible as standardised generic APIs (via SOA) so that the core of the project can become a workflow engine like STP B2J and so that generic UI can be built across just these APIs. Our drive for this is that we really want to move away from point APIs for things like agents but we see a lot of value in exposing the agents as public API web services.

I think it would be best to talk all this over at EclipseCon and I'll keep an eye out for BOFs but I'd like this general overall chat to be scheduled into a BOF somewhere where everyone that has a stake can attend.



Harm Sluiman wrote:

Yes, I think this is a good discussion to have and would be glad to be part of it. Perhaps an easy way to organize ourselves is to post a BOF proposal so a time and place can be arranged. If posted on Sunday, we can all sign up and a location will be arranged, and perhaps even more people will participate.

Thanks for your time.
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03/10/2006 10:21 AM
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TPTP Testing Tools Project developer discussions

"'TPTP Testing Tools Project developer discussions'" <tptp-testing-tools-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

RE: [tptp-testing-tools-dev] Call 4 Comments: ALF-enabling TPTP P roposal


My name is Joel Hawkins, and I'm one of the developers on the Corona project
(just approved, currently provisioning). We're working closely with the ALF
project, and have been doing some work along the same vein as you propose.
We're meeting with ALF and with TPTP at EclipseCon to talk about providing a
WSDM-compliant OSGi platform for hosting SOA-enabled plugins (whew, that's a
lot of buzzwords), and one of the things we've been kicking around is
WSRF-style access to TPTP assets within our runtime. I'm sure our team would
be delighted to participate in your brainstorming session. Perhaps we
(ALF/Corona/TPTP) could schedule a BOF to discuss how to commonize on an
approach to ALF-inize (ALF-abetize?) existing Eclipse functionality? I'd
imagine the ANT execution environment would be a likely candidate as well...


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You raised some good points.

I'll add to the requirements that the "Test Manager" web service interface
TPTP should not depend upon an ALF heavyweight client to take advantage of
functionality. I've ALF-enabled another tool and found this easy to meet.

I was told by my interim advisor that since I am sponsoring this project
that I will own the intellectual property rights and can do as I wish with
source code. It is even encouraged to contribute to an open source project
a thesis. Sharing authorship with faculty advisors on publications may be
required, though.

Thanks for the feedback!

Quoting Ali Mehregani <ali.mehregani@xxxxxxxxx>:

> This sounds really cool and it's exactly what's needed to provide an
> end-to-end testing solution in TPTP (i.e. the ability to execute tests,
> interpret & report results, trigger notifications, and generate bug
> reports).
> I would like to see the option of being able to use the test manager with
> just light weight clients. You can provide vocabulary extensions to
> it as part of the ALF environment but the user should not be required to
> setup an "ALF-environment" to make use of the TM.
> I'm not sure what the policy would be in contributing this back to TPTP.
> most cases academic projects are owned by the university and they require
> the right faculty member's permission before it can be accepted by any
> company or open source community.
> I wish you the best luck!
> On 3/9/06, rbrady@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <rbrady@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > Hello TPTP,
> >
> > I propose to ALF-enable TPTP and am soliciting comments from your group.
> >
> > ALF, Application Lifecycle Framework, http://www.eclipse.org/alf is an
> > eclipse
> > project in incubation. ALF's goals are to integrate lifecycle software
> > tools
> > through a common api as well as orchestrate processes using those
> > tools. ALF
> > aims to achieve this through a brokered messaging system built upon SOA
> > and
> > utilizing a BPEL engine. The secret sauce of this stew is the common
> > messaging vocabulary.
> >
> > This proposed work would be used to complete an evening Harvard
> > master's thesis (50% time over ~ 8 mythical man months). I already have
> > experience ALFinizing tools, building web services, etc.
> >
> > My ALFinization of TPTP would be comprised of the following tasks:
> >
> > * Create a Web Services "Test Manager (TM)" via AutomationClientAdapter
> > that
> > Satisfies Some Exemplary Use Cases:
> > - User executes a given test or all tests associated with a given
> > project
> > based on content of incoming SOAPMessage from ALF event manager.
> > - User can query to get results of a give test from TM based on
> > of...
> > - Requirement added to Requirments Tool (RT) triggers stub test
> > generation in
> > tptp project
> > - User can add Requirement to RT. This can be done via SOAP message
> > launched
> > by tptp plugin after going through Requirement wizard menu (to be
> > designed).
> > - Automatic entry into Bugzilla or email notification to designated
> > person
> > when failed test result detected
> > - Of course, this will support executing tests on machines remote to
> > web
> > services server.
> >
> > * Create Exemplary TPTP ALF XML Vocabulary & Web Services API
> > - Use case model driven development. If it ain't in the seed use
> > cases,
> > won't be reflected in vocab. Therefor, Self-validating design.
> > - Will allow initial integration into ALF. Other vendors can extend
> > suit
> > their needs.
> > - Common vocab & api means can swap tptp for a Rational, Segue, or
> > other
> > ALFinized tool of type TM with little effort.
> >
> > * Open Source Tool Set for Development
> > - Java 1.4.2+
> > - Axis 1.3+
> > - Tomcat 5.5+
> > - BPEL Designer
> > - WTP
> > - ActiveBPEL or TPTP Choreography Engine
> >
> > * Publish Code & Lessons Learned to ALF, TPTP, or SourceForge.
> >
> > Problems/Risks:
> > * Need to do java.io.File operations to load execution results from disk
> > into
> > TM. Disk polling not needed since AutomationClientAdapter.execute call
> > synchronous and returns only after test execution finished. Scott
> > Schneider
> > has already provided some excellent insight into this problem.
> >
> > * May need to utilize a database to support TM, but this leads to double
> > data
> > storage in execution files as well as database.
> >
> > * ALF Event Manager/BPEL engine integration code exists in eclipse cvs,
> > but
> > nobody besides the company Serena (the initial providers) has gotten it
> > work. No config/install docs exist. May have to code my own here.
> >
> > I would be grateful for any comments. I also would be interested in
> > meeting
> > some tptp members to discuss in more detail or brainstorm this project
> > during
> > eclipseCon 2006. It would also be possible for a senior TPTP member to
> > act as
> > official advisor on this proposed Harvard thesis.
> >
> > This project could allow tptp to establish beachheads with companies
> > utilize ALM tools but need to fill a needs "hole" or are dissatisfied
> > their current tool.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Bob
> > Acting as Private Citizen
> >
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