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[alf-dev] ALF Requirements Meeting Agenda for 1/11/2006

ALF Requirements Team Meeting Agenda
The next ALF Requirements meeting will be held on 1/11/2006,  Wednesday 11th
January 2006 at 10:00 am PST (18:00 GMT.)
Phone: +1-303-928-3232 id  9763158#

Welcome back, everyone. While we are still heads-down on the POC, we do have
a few requirements to review and approve. Additionally, we need to start the
process of putting together a demo for the post-POC ALF.

Review Compensating Service Requirements. The following requirements need to
be reviewed and approved. Please see the updated requirements document.

AWS10, AWS11, ADM7, ADM8.

Review SSON Requirements. The Architecture team is still resolving some of
the single sign-on technical issues. Please review the following to see if
they are consistent with the SSON work. Please see the updated requirements


Review the ALM use case document for accuracy and completeness. See the
updated ALM use case document.

Other Business
ALF 'competitors.' Bob Brady.
Requirements Committee Schedule.

Kelly Shaw
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Serena Software