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[alf-dev] ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes from 11/30/2005

ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes


Serena Software

Review Requirements Document

Discussion: As with the past two weeks, this week we concentrated on
reviewing the ALF requirements document. Besides looking at the requirements
themselves, we are also discussing priorities so we can defer features if
necessary. I'll summarize the findings here. See the document for the
resulting requirements definitions.
  a..  AWS10.
    a..  We discussed whether this should actually be two web services. The
first service would have simply a text parameter that would be written to
the log and sent to the email recipients. The second service would have two
XML document parameters. The first would be the data to be included in the
messages, and the second would be an XSLT document defining how to format
the data. We agreed that the simple text parameter service would have a
higher priority than the service that included formatting information.
    b.. The parameter list for the services should include a parameter that
indicates whether email should be turned off. Thus, this service could be
used to write only to the log (when the logging level is set to none,) send
only emails, both or neither.
    c.. The service should write to the log if there are any errors
connecting to the mail server.
    d.. The priority of this requirement depends on the logging service
priority. We all agreed that one or the other is an absolute must for ALF
1.0 to facilitate debugging.
  b.. ADM7. The priority of this requirement must be aligned with the
priority of AWS10.
  c.. ADM8. The priority of this requirement must be aligned with the
priority of AWS10.
Review Expanded ALM Use Cases

We reviewed the expanded use cases to make sure they tell a good ALF ALM
story, and to make sure they highlight the participating vendor products.
These use cases are under review at this time.

Homework for next meeting
Look at all of the requirements and see if any need a priority shift.

Review the new ALM use case document.

 Next Meeting

The next requirements meeting will be from 10:00 - 11:00 Pacific on
Wednesday, 14 December. Shaw will send the meeting announcement and agenda
to alf-events and alf-req and will post the announcement to the newsgroup.
Shaw will also request the webmaster to update the requirements document and
ALF ALM use case document before the next meeting.

Kelly Shaw
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Serena Software