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Re: [alf-dev] ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes from 9/7/2005

Ah, heh, now getting caught up...

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Kelly Shaw wrote:
ALF can't dictate a role administration structure at this time. However, ALF
should allow implementation sites to incorporate role administration,
perhaps through a SPI. Additionally, ALF should be architected and designed
to allow role administration to be added in the future.

I think lack of roles might not be that important if we're talking about debugging or refactoring tools, but it'll be painful when you talk about orchestrating the work of more than a few developers and stakeholders into an ALM. What will happen is that ALF providers will define their own role system, because they have to, and then reconciling them later on could end up being very painful. I wasn't at the call and respect that decisions can't wait for everyone to chime in, but perhaps we can head this off by allowing those who do want to standardize roles within ALF some place to go do that as an optional or separate part of the system?