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RE: [albireo-dev] performance

Thanks for the response.  The various classes used in the class
hierarchy for a view were noticed by others and the question was raised.
The question was also raised if the Albireo project was still using the
same concept as the original code base.  I'm not saying we are
experiencing any noticeable performance impact regarding speed in
bringing up a view; we were just curious.

Thanks again

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> We are using the original code base from which the Albireo project was
> started from.  One sees the usage of an applet for every view under
> hood.  What is the performance impact / overhead of this along with
> usage of a root and layered panes?  Is this still being done for the
> latest Albireo code base?

What do you mean by "performance impact" for an interactive GUI?

The memory footprint is that each applet will have a Swing double-buffer
associated with it, while SWT controls usually are not double-buffered.

The ping-pong game of sending events between the AWT EventQueue thread
and the SWT Display's event thread certainly increases the time between
user action and the visible response. But it will not drastically
the CPU consumption. Therefore whether it counts as "performance"
on your mileage.

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