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RE: [albireo-dev] Old SAS code interaction with Albireo project code

Okay; thanks for the response.

I'll utilize a more simple case to see if I can reproduce with stack

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Subject: Re: [albireo-dev] Old SAS code interaction with Albireo project

Bruno Haible wrote:
>> 3.    I'm also noticing focus issues that are intermittent.  I.E. On
>> opening the perspective for the first time, occasionally My view
>> the Albireo code can't get the focus on any Swing control within it.
>> have to restart the app.  Trying to reopen just the view can cause
>> app to lock up.
> Whenever you see a lock-up, please try to provide a stack trace of all
> threads. If you are running your app under the Eclipse debugger,
> stop all threads all copy&paste the thread stacks. Otherwise, you can
> get a stack trace of all threads by using the 'jps' and 'jstack'
> (Linux: JDK 1.5 or newer; Windows: JDK 1.6 or newer).
> Focus issues are hard to debug. If you say that your app mixes old SAS
> new Albireo code, and moreover has 4 different views, it's basically
> untractable. Can you
>   1) ensure that you only use Albireo for your embedded Swing views,
>   2) try to minimize the set of views to 1 or 2,
>   3) then, provide a detailed description of how to reproduce the
>      problem (as detailed as in
>      http://wiki.eclipse.org/Albireo_Focus_Management_Test_Cases),
> then we can try to look into it, with some reasonable expectations.

It's worth mentioning that the focus issue may be a consequence of the 
lock-up, so that's the problem that I am most curious about.

Even if you could get us stack traces from just the SWT and Swing 
threads, that could be very helpful.

And.. as Bruno has mentioned elsewhere, make sure you are not using the 
AWT invokeAndWait or the SWT syncExec from the other toolkit's event 
thread. That's the most common cause of deadlock.

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