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Re: [albireo-dev] Participating more naturally in SWT tab order

Bruno Haible wrote:

The toolbar seems to be involved, since - When the tab's header gets focused, the stacktrace contains the SWT ToolBar class. - When I customize the current perspective (Resource perspective) to not allow Search command, thus dropping the Search toolbar, it takes one less tab keystrokes to come back.

Then it sounds like the tabbing is working correctly for you, at least from Albireo's point of view. To check this, if you bring up the standard Eclipse Error Log view, and set the focus inside, you should see the same behavior.

For me, under Gtk, I get dotted rectangles surrounding the toolbar items as I tab over them. This is with the GNOME desktop. I don't have a KDE desktop handy to try right now.

Also, while doing this and similar manipulations, I got an endless recursion:

        at java.awt.ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy.getLastComponent(ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy.java:366)
        at javax.swing.DefaultFocusManager.getLastComponent(DefaultFocusManager.java:119)
        at javax.swing.LegacyGlueFocusTraversalPolicy.getLastComponent(LegacyGlueFocusTraversalPolicy.java:124)
        at java.awt.ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy.getLastComponent(ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy.java:366)

This is almost certainly the same as this problem (part 1):


It should be easily fixable by manually setting the focus traversal policy to the correct default for Gtk. I've fixed this only on Windows so far.