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Re: [albireo-dev] Initial scrolling of Swing text fields

Hello Gordon,

> My attempts to force the scroll by re-setting the caret position were, 
> in some cases, being optimized away. I've changed the code, and proper 
> scrolling occurs with the TextFieldsView on both Windows and Gtk.

Thanks! Now the scrolling is right also for me, in the TextFieldsView.

I added the test case to the wiki: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Albireo_Test_Cases .

> There also seems to be a separate problem with tab traversals on the 
> TextFieldsView which I will investigate.

Yes, what I see is that while pressing tab 6 times (starting with the 4th
text field), no visual feedback for the focused component is present; then,
at the 7th one, the "Text fields" tab header is focused. As if there were
6 invisible but focusable components at the end of the traversal list.