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Re: [albireo-dev] Initial scrolling of Swing text fields

Bruno Haible wrote:

I've added some
code to "re-scroll" text components when the embedded frame is finally
sized for the first time.

How to reproduce the problem (so as to verify it's fixed on all platforms)?

The Focus Traversal View demonstrates the problem and the fix (this is where I noticed the problem). Without my fix, as you tab through the Swing fields, the caret (at the end of the text) is not visible. With my fix, the text is slightly scrolled to the right, and when tabbing, you can see the caret.

I tried this on both Windows and Gtk.

Then I tried it in a separate view (TextFieldsView, committed). Again two under-sized text fields. But here, with or without your addition, the second text field is not scrolled. Even after tabbing through the text fields, it is not scrolled.

I'll look into this.