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Re: [albireo-dev] size/layout platform testing

Bruno Haible wrote:

* Need of size propagation from AWT to SWT: If I disable the part of updateCachedAWTSizes that starts with if (mustNotify) ... then: - On Win32, some parts of the RelayoutExampleView don't display themselves at all. - On Gtk and Carbon, the size of the controls in RelayoutExampleView vary in a discontinuous way depending on the width. See the attached two screenshots no-propAWTtoSWT-[12],png. Conclusion: This propagation is necessary on all 3 platforms.

No argument from me.

* Need of size propagation from SWT to AWT: If I disable the contents of handleSetBounds then: - On Win32, layouts are not done correctly; see the screenshot no-propSWTtoAWT.png.

Interesting. I can't make this happen. But since you obviously can, I agree with your most recent changes.