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Re: [albireo-dev] Updated RelayoutExampleView

Hi Gordon,

> I've added a bit more to this example view. There are now two swing 
> controls side by side. The grow and shrink buttons add to the preferred 
> size both vertically and horizontally. The SWT grow/shrink buttons work 
> on both swing controls at once.

Thanks. I added setEnabled() control of the shrinkSWTButton [1]. Impressing
how even the simplest GUI programming tasks, like "enable a button when a
certain condition is met", is complicated by the multithreading because
  - enabling the button must be done on a particular thread,
  - the condition cannot be evaluated before all components are actually

> For example, growing both controls at once is not always as symmetrical 
> as I would have expected.

Yes, I'm seeing this too (on Linux)...


[1] http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/org.eclipse.albireo/org.eclipse.albireo.examples.plugin/src/org/eclipse/albireo/examples/plugin/views/RelayoutExampleView.java?root=Technology_Project&r1=1.13&r2=1.14