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[ajdt-dev] AspectJ 1.6.2 available

I'm very pleased to announce that AspectJ 1.6.2 is now available for
download.  The 1.6.2 readme details the major changes and can be found


There are over 60 issues resolved in this release.  The biggest changes
being to support better incremental compilation in AJDT but there are
fixes for issues with parameter annotation matching, generics and
intertype declarations, annotation style syntax and ajdoc.

AspectJ 1.6.2 is available at the download page:


We are now making available source jars alongside the download jar.

This build is already in the latest AJDT for Eclipse 3.4.  It is not yet
in AJDT for Eclipse 3.3.  Please download the latest dev builds of
AJDT for Eclipse 3.4 and let us know how the changes to incremental
impact you.

For what we're doing next, take a look at the project plan page:


Upcoming features are:
- splitting weaving and matching to provide a reusable matcher
- load-time weaving - better memory usage
- load-time weaving - improving operation in an OSGi environment

The AspectJ team.