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[ajdt-dev] AJDT 1.6.0

The AspectJ and AJDT teams are pleased to announce the release of AJDT
1.6.0.  This is the first non-development release for Eclipse 3.4.  We
recommend switching to the final 1.6.0 release if you are currently
using a development version of 1.6.

The update site URL and a zip of the release are available here:


This release has focused on moving from Eclipse 3.3 to Eclipse 3.4 and
ensuring the build process generates proper P2 metadata.  There are
also a few new features and many bugs have been addressed.  A list of
new features and bug fixes are available here:


Any comments, feature requests, or bug reports for this release should
be sent to ajdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx  Or you can file a bug on bugzilla:

The AspectJ and AJDT teams