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Re: [ajdt-dev] AJDT missing features

We are in the process of increasing the amount of resource we have
working on AJDT - so over the next month or so we'll be reviewing all
the outstanding bug reports and feature requests and defining a plan
to address them.

It is made particularly tricky because the JDT doesn't make itself
extensible where we would like to plug-in so addressing some of these
problems is very hard to do in a clean, maintainable way (as evidenced
by a lot breaking in the move to 3.4)

Thanks for the offer of help, we'll keep it in mind when scoping the
work :)  The only documentation we have is the code and the tests.
There are some existing content assist tests that could perhaps give
you an insight into how it works - if you followed the instructions
for setting up a development environment (using Eclipse 3.3 and the
AJDT_1.5 branch, *not* HEAD) then find ContentAssistTest in the
org.eclipse.ajdt.ui.tests plugin.


On 17/04/2008, Dean Wampler <dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It would be nice to have these features ;)
> However, there are two good workarounds:
> 1) Use the AspectJ5 "annotation" syntax, so you're writing "pure" java code.
> 2) Keep you aspects small and delegate most of the work to separate Java
> classes.
> Dean
> On Apr 17, 2008, at 11:55 AM, Simone Gianni wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been playing quite a lot with AJDT in the last couple of weeks. I
> really love AspectJ and AJDT, but I really miss those functionalities
> that are not there :
> - Code completion of inferred methods in the standard java editor (also
> in the aspectj editor would be nice :) )
> - Buggy code completion inside the aspectj editor (type "something.",
> normal completion appears, then type "g" cause you need a getter, only
> template proposals show up)
> - Code completion on aspectj syntax
> Simply said, without auto completion I'm nothing :D
> Are these features planned for release any time soon?
> I have some experience on Eclipse plugin developement (a couple of
> plugins, a couple of years ago), I've also been a contributor to SWT in
> the past, and I have some spare time, so maybe I could try to help
> fixing something.
> What I need are pointers to avoid using all my spare time simply to find
> where in the code I should act, and where that certain solution was
> already discussed and so on.
> My priority would be code completion on inferred methods and fields, in
> the aspectj editor at least. Where should I start searching for? What
> are the biggest problems encountered so far in making it work? Is there
> a (document | thread in this list | something else) I should read?
> Thanks in advance,
> Simone
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