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Re: [ajdt-dev] Patch for 1.5M7

Hi Tim,

Unfortunately we had plenty of work to do just supporting Eclipse
3.3M7, so we didn't to this. However, it would be good to update the
compiler in AJDT before the 1.5 final release, so if an AspectJ
committer can look at your patch soon, we'll be able to pick up the
fix then.


On 10/05/07, Tim Halloran <hallorant@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you (i.e., the AJDT committers) are going to release a 1.5M7 download can
you consider patching the compiler with bug 172107's patches.  I posted this
fix a few weeks back and it appears all the compiler developers are really
busy (are they doing something at Java One?).  This bug causes failures when
a field set weaves into an unqualified inherited field.


I included the patch to HEAD and a test case for the test suite.  As far as
I can tell no code changes have been made to the compiler since I posted my
patches (I checked this morning).

Tim Halloran

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