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[actf-dev] Draft minutes: ACTF conference call (Jan. 22nd)

Hi all,

Attached please find a minutes of ACTF call. Please correct any errors, 
omissions, etc. by replying to this mail. 


Attendees: Simon, Yeliz, Mike, Kentarou
Regrets: Eleni, Hiro, Chieko

[ACTF restructure]

Mike introduced the background, Tech-PMC's recommendation, etc..

1st step:  remove dormant validation part from CVS
2nd step: move AccProve to Linux Foundations

Simon: Is this affect to mobileOK project?
Mike: No. 

Simon: will confirm dependency.
Mike: please.
Kentarou: Details about the removal is in actf-eclipse.html. mobileOK 
depends on actf.visualization part. So, this restructuring do not affect 
to your project.
Yeliz: I think so, too.

Yeliz: Why Linux? (transition of AccProbe)
Mike: IAccessible2 is in Linux Foundation.

Kentarou: shall we update HA&AC to ACTF community?
Mike: will confirm it.

--Mike will send result to Tech-PMC

[ViCRAM update] -> next meeting

[mobileOK update]

Yeliz: to solve dependency on 3rd party component, developing mobileOK 
library extension.

--Yeliz will send details about extension to Kentarou and discuss future 

[Helios release]

Kentarou: M4 includes initial support of WCAG 2.0 and performance 
improvement. M5 will include bug fixes.

Simon: W3C user agent accessibility working group (UAWG) refers aiBrowser.
Kentarou: We will update aiBrowser through Alternative Interface part 
release work. If there are ideas/requests for update, please post it to ML 
or bugzilla.

[Alternative Interface part development plan]

Kentarou: plan to join 2011 annual release with visualization part. need 
documentation, etc.
Kentarou: focus is to develop a common platform of synthesized 
(Text-to-speech based) audio description for online videos. supported by 
Japanese incorporated administrative agency, NICT.

Yeliz: will use aiBrowser for both of editing/playing?
Kentarou: will prototype audio description editor, please see P.12 of the 

Simon: will support SMIL?
Kentarou: might be able to export audio description in SMIL format.

Simon: Can we distribute this project information to others?
Kentarou: sure! we want to get feedbacks. 

--Kentarou will post more detailed information to ML

Best regards,
Kentarou Fukuda, Ph.D.
IBM Research - Tokyo
Tel: +81-46-215-4659
E-mail: kentarou@xxxxxxxxxx